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RoboticsCats and Teltonika in Hong Kong

We installed our first Teltonika Networks cellular router in Nov 2020 in an R&D project related to construction site safety. Teltonika Networks provides strong VPN features and remote access support. Since then we have used Teltonika Networks cellular routers in most of our projects in Hong Kong and other countries.


Fig 1: Left: A Teltonika Networks RUT240 outer and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier computer in an IP66 enclosure. Right: The edge computer system and a PTZ camera were deploy in a construction site.

Teltonika Networks is a dynamic technology company that specializes in professional connectivity solutions for global markets. With extensive R&D experience, they offer a diverse product range for Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy sectors. Their portfolio includes reliable, secure, and user-friendly cellular routers, gateways, and modems for Industrial, Enterprise, IoT, and M2M applications.

We use Teltonika Networks RUT951 for remote location camera deployments. With dual-SIM support and Auto SIM-Switch, we use SIM data services from two different mobile operators to avoid the single point of failure of cellular connectivity and live stream HD video 24/7. We submitted one of our AI wildlife monitoring projects as a Teltonika Networks use case on their website.

Fig 2: Left: A Teltonika Networks RUT951 router. Right: A PTZ camera deployed in fishpond near Mai Po. It is connected to the internet via the RUT951 router and live stream video 2/47.

We use Teltonika Networks RUTX11 in our office. We configure VLANs and the built-in firewall to segregate our internal network, DMZ, and R&D segment. It is a powerful device and acts as the VPN headend for tens of VPN tunnels connecting to our managed AI wildfire detection camera networks.

Fig 3: A Teltonika Networks RUTX11 in our office.
Fig 4: VLANs and the built-in firewall to segregate internal network, DMZ, and R&D segment.

Teltonika Networks launched its first outdoor router OTD140 in January 2024. It is a dust and water-resistant cellular router designed to withstand weather conditions. The device is encased in durable, IP55 plastic (PC+ASA) housing. IP55 makes this 4G router perfect for deployment in outdoor applications, including CCTV cameras and sensors, lift stations, wind and solar farms, and more. We got the first Teltonika Networks OTD140 unit in Hong Kong last week. It became our de facto outdoor cellular router.

Fig 5: Left: A Teltonika Networks OTD140 outdoor router. Right: A bullet camera is connected to the POE-out port of OTD140.

Committed to innovation, the Teltonika Networks team ensures rapid product development and continuous enhancement. Their manufacturing excellence guarantees quality, while their support organizations provide exceptional service and resources, embodying their focus on reliability, security, and ease of use.

We are excited to collaborate with Teltonika Networks and its partners to provide its networking devices and our AI wildfire and wildlife monitoring solutions in Hong Kong and other markets.


Please contact us today to see a live demo at info@roboticscats.com


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