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Robotics Cats Limited is a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong. We are a team of talented people with diverse cultures. We focus on computer vision, AI and robotics technologies. We provide early wildfire detection and environmental monitoring products.


We love people, trees and the world connecting them. The green, the blue and the things between them are full of love, power and divinity. These drive the team to work passionately to serve our customers around the globe.


Our products protect the forests and their communities from being damaged by wildfires.  We employ computer vision, AI and robotics technologies to build our products. Our products empower our customers to detect wildfires as soon as possible after they are ignited, our customers can then suppress the fires when they are small and hence can control the wildfires more effectively.


Insight Robotics InsightFD is the global market leader in early AI wildfire detection. Its visual and thermal sensors will scan for fire and smoke.  Our AI detection algorithms can detect wildfire at 15km distance. National parks, forestry, wildfire services, UNESCO world heritages, private companies around the world are using InsightFD to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.


Andre Cheung, CEO & Founder    

Andre collaborates with the team to formulate the company’s vision, strategies and tactics. He leads the organization to develop and execute action plans. Team engagement is the first and most important priority of Andre’s work.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Before founding Robotics Cats, Andre was the Business Development Director of Insight Robotics and worked closely with partners around the world to sell Insight Robotics InsightFD early wildfire detection solutions. Prior to Insight Robotics, Andre spent more than 20 years in the telecommunications and cloud computing industries in the Asia Pacific Region. Andre graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.
Paul Redhead, Technical Lead     

Paul brings over a decade of experience in wildfire detection systems to the team. He has worked on countless projects around the world with a large number of stakeholders, from government to commercial. His priority is bridging customer needs with software and hardware capabilities in a complex environment.

“Early detection and rapid response, saves lives and minimises loss.”

Originally from South Africa, he graduated with a BSc Honours in Computer Science before spending his first 10 years in the industry, working with large commercial forestry companies in South Africa and fire protection agencies in the USA and Canada. In 2016 he moved to Hong Kong to further his career and tackle new markets.


Veerachai Tanpipat (D.Eng)     

Veerachai Tanpipat (D.Eng.) is a remote sensing engineer and geographer whose professional interests include applying geoinformatics, science and technology, and social science to better manage disaster response and preparedness. His work has largely focused on wildfires, transboundary haze, and flooding throughout Southeast Asia. His previous work includes, but not limited, to an advisory role to the Director General for the Royal Forestry Department, collaborative efforts with NASA LANCE Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS), NASA-JPL, NASA-GSFC, NASA-AMES, NOAA-NESDIS, NOAA-NGDC and the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Services (CAMS)-ECMWF. Currently, Dr. Tanpipat is an advisor to the Director General of the Pollution Control Department, a founding member of the Upper ASEAN Wildland Fire Special Research Unit,  Senior Expert Faculty Member of Forestry at Kasetsart University, co-chair of APAN Disaster Mitigation WG, and Chair of Open and Sharing Data WG.