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Fire Foresight (wildfire detection) in Tasmania, Australia

We are grateful to partner with Indicium Dynamics. It is amazing what we have travelled, built and learned together from this partnership in the last 12 months!

The unexpected intersection of our journeys

We didn’t expect our wildfire detection pilot project in ACT, Australia, during 2020 and 2021 could lead us to Tasmania. The pilot project was funded by Minderoo Foundation, a leading charity organization in Australia. They took the lead in exploring new technologies to prevent bushfire disasters like the Black Summer 2019 from happening again.

Fast forward to early 2023. With a very challenging bushfire season forecasted in 2023, Indicium Dynamics has been looking for the best wildfire detection solutions to protect its forestry customers, beloved communities, and invaluable biodiversity in Tasmania. They have been in contact with many well-known wildfire detection solution providers in the world and evaluating their technologies. The technologies were good, but Indicium Dynamics wanted something better – higher detection accuracy and quick deployment. Minderoo Foundation suggested Indicium Dynamics explore RoboticsCats’ AI wildfire detection.

Fig 1: Mike Ross (bottom right), Rob Vernon (bottom left), and Andre Cheung (top right) were talking to Kevin Lim (top left) in The Digital Forester podcast. Mike shared how he contacted RoboticsCats.

Mike Ross, Founder & CTO of Indicium Dynamics, sent an email to RoboticsCats before his lunchtime on a Thursday. I looked up his company’s website, replied to his technical questions, and listed our trial procedure. Then I left the office to have my lunch. When I came back to the office, I saw testing images incoming to our LookOut Wildfire Detection SaaS.

We can do a lot of things at lunchtime.

Followed by several months of product evaluation, partnership discussion, technology integration, and infrastructure setup in Australia, Indicium Dynamics and RoboticsCats collaborated to develop and launch Fire Foresight, an IoT and AI wildfire detection solution designed to cater to Australia’s market needs. Fire Foresight started a new global journey.

Video: prescribed fire (for fuel reduction) was identified by the AI wildfire detection

Busy summer 2023

The Indicium Dynamics team was very busy implementing Project Forest Foresight and deploying Fire Foresight systems across Tasmania.

Project Forest Foresight brings together key forest and fire managers in Tasmania to implement a technology-driven approach that enhances the prevention, prediction, detection, and response to fire disasters across the state. By leveraging existing technologies and networks, Project Forest Foresight aims to achieve beneficial environmental, social, and economic outcomes for Tasmania’s forest managers and communities alike. Indicium Dynamics has been leading this cross-organizational initiative to revolutionize the management of natural disasters and forestry.


Between October 2023 and March 2024, the Indicium Dynamics team deployed Fire Foresight on existing and newly installed surveillance cameras. In six months, Fire Foresight is monitoring a significant bushfire risky portion of Tasmania and mitigating the risks by early detections. What an achievement!

XPRIZE Wildfire

Indicium Dynamics uses diverse technologies – IoT, 5G, AI, GIS, remote sensing, drones, and satellites – to provide digital forestry, smart utility, biodiversity conservation, and smart city solutions to its customers. They are building an autonomous wildfire detection and suppression system to protect Tasmania, Australia, and the world! Their goals are the same as XPRIZE Wildfire!

Rob Vernon, CEO of Indicium Dynamics, asked me if I was interested in joining his team and taking part in XPRIZE Wildfire.

“Of course! I’d love to! But we need more to compete in this 4-year US$11m global competition!” I replied immediately.

“Sure. I am building a team of emerging players around the world! There are four starting teams – Indicium Dynamics, RoboticsCats, Little Place Lab, a space-based intelligence startup headquartered in Austin, Texas, US, and Taz Drone Solutions, a leading drone company in Australia.” said Rob.

We named our XPRIZE Wildfire team Fire Foresight.

Fig 4: Fire Foresight team in XPRIZE Wildfire
Fig 5: Team members of Fire Foresight team in XPRIZE Wildfire

The four companies were working together to prepare the proposals for the XPRIZE Wildfire competition. We needed to explain our current capabilities and the new technologies we are going to develop. Some technologies are in the infancy stages now. Each startup is busy building its technologies and growing its business. It is a daunting task to put together cross-domain knowledge, present and future, in the precise and concise formats required by XPRIZE!

We made it on 1st May 2024, the XPRIZE Wildfire Track B submission deadline!!

Thank Rob for taking the lead in compiling our final proposals! The journey is the reward! Looking forward to the coming explorations!


Looking for bushfire detection in Australia? Schedule an online demo of Fire Foresight at www.fireforesight.com


By Andre Cheung

I am lucky working in the ICT industry in the past 20 years to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers to use technologies to change the way we work, live, play and learn! I have strong interests in cloud computing, AI and information security. “It is the technologies marry with liberal arts, marry with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing!”

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