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Is AI Wildfire Detection a Climate Tech or Nature Tech?

The RoboticsCats team is thrilled to be selected by HolonIQ , a leading global impact intelligence platform, as part of the 2023 East Asia Climate Tech 100!

Fig 1: 2023 East Asia Climate Tech 100

Thanks to our partners and customers for their congratulations and compliments. Some of us discussed the latest Climate Tech market trend, and the market dynamics between Clean Tech, Climate Tech, and Nature Tech. We summarize our inspiring discussion in this article.

Fig 2: Our LookOut Wildfire Detection SaaS detected a early-stage fire. Do you see it?

Clean Tech vs Climate Tech vs Nature Tech

Clean Tech focuses on environmentally friendly technologies that reduce pollution and resource consumption. Climate Tech addresses climate change through innovations like renewable energy, carbon capture, and adaptation strategies. Nature Tech leverages nature-based solutions for conservation, restoration, and sustainable ecosystem management.

Despite their different focuses, Clean Tech, Climate Tech, and Nature Tech share some commonalities. Please see the below table.

Fig 3: Clean Tech vs Climate Tech vs Nature Tech

Is AI Wildfire Detection a Climate Tech or Nature Tech?

AI Wildfire Detection can be considered a part of Nature Tech because it involves using technology to monitor and protect natural ecosystems from wildfires. It’s about preserving biodiversity and preventing the destruction of habitats.

Fig 4: Our AI Biodiversity-Care service detects and monitors wildlife and wildfire

However, it also has a role in Climate Tech since wildfires release significant amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. By detecting and managing wildfires early, we can mitigate their impact on climate change.

Fig 5: LookOut Wildfire Detection SaaS is working with a surveillance camera next to a highway to detected forest fire outbreaks in the area

AI Wildfire Detection can also be considered a smart city technology. In wildland-urban interfaces (WUI), where the risk of wildfires impacting nearby communities and infrastructure such as airports and power plants exists, deploying advanced technology for early detection and rapid response is crucial. By integrating surveillance cameras, sensors, and AI algorithms, cities can monitor forested regions, detect fires in real-time, and alert emergency services. This proactive approach enhances safety, minimizes damage, and contributes to the overall resilience of smart cities.

RoboticsCats’ technologies sit at the intersection of Nature Tech and Climate Tech, serving both to protect natural ecosystems and to combat climate change by reducing emissions from uncontrolled fires.

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