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Part II: ReportFires and LookOut: A Powerful Duo for Wildfire Reporting and Detection

RoboticsCats, a mobile-first FireTech startup, proudly presents ReportFires application, the first crowdsourced wildfire location-sharing solution*. This innovative application empowers you to stay informed and take action against wildfires. The map-based application solves the pain point of ambiguities in verbal communication. It helps people to share wildfire locations more effectively and efficiently than phone calls.

ReportFires and LookOut: A Powerful Duo for Wildfire Detection and Reporting

While distinct products, ReportFires and LookOut Wildfire Detection SaaS work seamlessly together to enhance wildfire safety. Let’s explore their individual strengths and their even more powerful combination:

Fig 1: Hikers report and share wildfire location via ReportFires app
  1. Report Wildfires Quickly and Easily:
  • Report wildfire locations with simple map taps – it takes just seconds!
  • Access ReportFires on web browser, iOS, and Android platforms.
  • Upload photos for detailed visual information (selected images are used to train our AI detection models).
Fig 2: Hikers receive wildfire alerts from the ReportFires app
  1. Stay Alert with Real-Time Wildfire Notifications:
  • Receive immediate alerts about nearby reported wildfires within a 10km radius. The mobile app requires device location access permission for this feature.
  • Open the app to view the wildfire’s location on a map.
  • Registered user (with email address) can receive alerts about reported wildfires within 15km radius.
Fig 3: LookOut Wildfire Detection SaaS can send detection alerts via ReportFires app, email and API
Fig 4: LookOut Wildfire Detection SaaS can send detection alerts to registered ReportFires app users.
  1. Access AI-Powered Wildfire Detection with LookOut (ReportFires-LookOut Integration):
  • LookOut, the world’s first AI wildfire detection SaaS, uses surveillance cameras to find early-stage wildfires.
  • Registered ReportFires app users can receive LookOut detection alerts in real-time. LookOut can send alerts via email and API too.
  • No distance restriction – receive alerts from your home cameras even while traveling!
  • ReportFires users can share LookOut detection alerts via messaging apps and social media with a single click.
  • LookOut customers can include the camera web interface URLs in the detection alerts. ReportFires users can click on the camera name [From: xxx] to access the camera and view real-time video in a pop-up browser window.
  • ReportFires users can receive LookOut wildfire detection alerts, share wildfire info with non-ReportFires users, and watch live video from the cameras, all through single-handed operations on their smartphones


Fig 5: ReportFires app users provide feedback to LookOut's AI detection performance by giving Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down.
  1. Provide Valuable Feedback on LookOut Detections (ReportFires-LookOut Integration):
  • User engagement is highly valued! ReportFires mobile app allows users to provide feedback on LookOut’s AI performance.
  • A ReportFires user can give a thumbs-up for accurate detections (true positives) or a thumbs-down for false positives.
  • User feedback helps us continuously improve LookOut’s wildfire detection capabilities.

Together, ReportFires and LookOut offer a comprehensive wildfire safety solution. Download ReportFires mobile app – iOS and Android – today and be prepared to face wildfires with confidence.

* ReportFires web app was launched in March 2020, right after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The ReportFires mobile app was launched in October 2020 after the successful crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign!


From instant alerts to informed action, LookOut and ReportFires put timely information and control in your hands, anywhere, anytime. What do you think?


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