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Robotics Cats joins StackPath free startup program to fight wildfire

Our world is full of good people, goodwill and generous supports. We can help each other to build a better world.

Thank you StackPath! It is our honor to participate in the StackPath Propel Startup Program!

  1. What is StackPath Propel Startup Program?

It is a program that provides early-stage companies (a) free edge delivery and computing resources, (b) free business insight, and (c) free expert advice! StackPath, a leading CDN and edge computing service provider, launched the program in September 2017.

“It’s been part of StackPath culture since day one to support the startup community and it was a great year for Propel. In the past 12 months more than 100 startups from five continents have been accepted into the program,” said James Leaverton, VP Ecosystems1.

More details about the item (a). StackPath will provide a Propel Startup Program participant 12-month of Edge Delivery 2000 service for FREE! It is worth US$24,000! What a generous and helpful offer!

StackPath Edge Delivery 2000 is a US$2000/month service bundle which includes:

  • 100TB CDN bandwidth per month
  • 50m WAF requests per month
  • 10m DNS queries per month
  • 10 Monitoring Services
  • DDoS Protection, and more…

Assuming your webpage is about 2.1MB in size, the average of nowadays desktop website2, 100TB CDN bandwidth can support 50 million page-views! Cool!

  1. Why did Robotics Cats apply for StackPath Propel Startup Program?

Fast and reliable Internet presence is our operational goal. Our customers learn our products and culture via our website and other internet properties. They also will use our products and services through internet.

When we designed ReportFires, a FREE web app which helps the public to report and share wildfire locations, we decided to implement WAF (Web Application Firewall) to protect the mission-critical application. We need a reliable global WAF service. However, we don’t have the budget to pay for WAF usage if many people use ReportFires.roboticscats.com!

“Houston, we have a (good) problem.”

ReportFires web app
Figure 1: ReportFires web app

We were busy working from home in February to develop ReportFires3. At the same time, we tried and evaluated several WAF services. We found StackPath WAF provides the best features, the most flexible deployment options, and affordable pricing schemes. We read their customer case studies and were impressed by StackPath’s focuses on startups. Therefore, we applied for the Propel Startup Program.

It was grateful that StackPath community team contacted us promptly. We shared with them our missions, products, customers, and our needs. A few days later, StackPath accepted our application! What a great surprise!

It all happened in the first two weeks of March! StackPath is lightning fast, both its services and customer supports!


  1. What we have achieved so far?

First of all, we deployed StackPath WAF on reportfires.roboticscats.com to prevent DDoS and application-layer attacks. We blocked unwanted BOT traffic. We also implemented CDN to speed up the web app.

Figure 2: StackPath WAF supports blocking of BOT traffic

We started to use the Monitoring Services to monitor our origin servers. We monitored data transmission times from 10 cities around the world. It greatly improved our visibilities of our server loads and performance.

StackPath monitoring interface
Figure 3: StackPath Monitoring interface

We switched our company website CDN to StackPath. We used StackPath EdgeRules to override the HTTP cache-control header configuration of the origin server, and set max-age to 604,800 seconds. It instructed the user browser to keep the content (delivered by CDN) for 1 week. We found it was much easier to control max-age at CDN than at the origin server!

StackPath Edge Rules Interface
Figure 4: StackPath EdgeRules interface

These StackPath services empower us, a lean startup based in Hong Kong, to provide highly-available and good performing products to our customers in Asia, the Americas, and Europe! We’re excited about what we can do with all these new StackPath capabilities. We’re exploring new ideas to provide more services and tools to our customers around the globe!

We want to work with good partners to develop better products and to build a better world together. We’re lucky to partner with StackPath! We will do more and better!

“Dallas, we have a message: thanks!”

Thank you for reading this article. Please download our InsightFD brochure to learn more about our other products.


  1. StackPath Propel Startup Program Celebrates One Year Anniversary
  2. According to HTTP Archive State of the Web report, as of 1st March 2020, the median transfer size of a desktop webpage is 2080.2KB (~2.1MB)
  3. RoboticsCats ReportFires web app. February 2020.

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