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Real-time Wildfire Alert in Your Pocket: Insight Globe Mobile

Empowering on-the-road fire crews to make informed decisions to wildfires detected.

App on tablet
Figure 1: Insight Globe management platform works best on desktop, laptop and tablet.

Wildfires start earlier and end later than normal fire seasons in many parts of the world. The number of wildfires and their extent are increasing too. However, wildfire crews are neither fully on duty nor sufficient enough to handle wildfires throughout a year!

Below are some common pain points shared by wildfire teams:

  • No or insufficient dedicated staff managing wildfire detection.
  • Fire crews are overloaded to do both control room wildfire detection and field patrol.
  • Wildfire organization leaders are managing many national parks and/or forests. They have to spend significant time traveling between many locations. Information at the fingertips is important for them to make informed
  • Rapid responses are required to tackle WUI fires. Emergency responders need timely insights to suppress fires and save lives!

InsightFD is the market leader in early wildfire/forest fire/wildland fire/bushfire detection. Customers on different continents, from country parks in Hong Kong to tropical forest conservations in Indonesia, are using InsightFD to get wildfire ignition alerts.  “The robot detects the frame as small as 2 m2. It costs less to suppress the fire when they are small!” Dr. Fernando Aranda of Robotics Galu explained.

Authorized users use Insight Globe, the management platform of InsightFD system, in the control centers or branch/mobile offices to receive, review, and respond to wildfire alerts. “Our customers are busy working in the control center and on the field during the prolonged fire season! They need better tools on the road to fight forest fires!” asserted by Dr. Aranda.

Insight Globe management platform on PC
Figure 2: Insight Globe management platform on PC

Today, we empower our InsightFD customers to do more with less. They can receive, view, and share fire alerts on their smartphones via Insight Globe Mobile!


App screen shots
Figure 3: Insight Globe Mobile screen shots

We develop Insight Globe Mobile with the following features:

  1. Always-on: supports lock screen fire alerts, app badge, and menu bar notification
  2. Secure: only authorized user can use the app to log in the Insight Globe server
  3. Intuitive: easy-to-use standard Google Map-like interface. Fire icons locate the fires detected. Red fire icons represent wildfires located by infrared detection; Cyan color is smoke detection.
    • Home button: center the map to your current location
    • Events button: center the map to show all wildfire alerts
    • Latest button: center the map to show the latest wildfire alert
  4. Lightweight and Fast: small-sized program, works on old phones;
  5. Network-Efficient: consumes little cellular data transmission, support users who have limited wireless connectivity
  6. Versatile: work with other applications to do more, easy to share fire info. For example, click the fire icon to copy the fire GPS coordinates to the clipboard. User can share the coordinates with a stakeholder via WhatsApp, the stakeholder can then review the fire location in 3D using Google Earth.

You can now download Insight Globe Mobile from Google Play Store. The iOS version will be available in the App Store soon. Feel free to contact app@roboticscats.com for any questions and feedback. Please download our InsightFD product brochure if you want to learn more about it.

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