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InsightFD Key Customer Benefits – Intuitive & Versatile Wildland Fire Detection

“Easy-to-use solution can be picked up and used immediately. We prefer technology which is intuitive and requires minimal implementation expenditure.” 1

Dual Sensor

Fast & Accurate Dual-Sensor

Our LWIR detection is fast (as small as 2 m2 flame at 5 km).

Accurately detect fire occurrence by dual-detection (visual & infrared)

Our patented technology accurately determines fire location.

Work reliably in tough environments (dark, light polluted, hazy, windy & hilly).

Automatic & Efficient AI Recognition

Always-on Automatic AI detection. No delay nor tiredness.

Self-improving machine learning system analyses raw images on the edge

Large coverage (70k Ha per robot) and minimal manual operation.

More manpower-efficient, energy-efficient, and carbon-friendly than watchtowers and aerial fire patrol.

Intuitive Platform

Intuitive & Versatile Management Platform

Easy-to-use GUI with 2D/3D maps. Supports cross platforms.

Situational awareness with real-time video & panoramic image.

Support visualization of 3rd party data via standard API.

Timestamped GIS-referenced fire records for post-event forensic and risk mitigation planning.

Figure 1: InsightFD Key Customer Benefits

Traditional visual fire detections rely on operators to identify flames or smoke. The user interface is usually a set of monitors, each of which shows what a remote monocular is looking at. The images are too pixelated and disjointed for the operators to identify abnormalities. Visual fire detection itself is a daunting task which uses up people’s cognitive power. They are not good software.

“Good software is not just about computing a result quickly and correctly. Good software is approachable and consistent. Good software explains itself and teaches. Good software is for human.”2

Humans have powerful but limited cognitive capacity. To conserve firefighting team’s mental energy and to help them suppress fire and save lives more efficiently, we built a good software tool for them to detect wildfire –  Insight Globe management platform.

Insight Globe

Figure 2: Insight Globe provides easy-to-use GUI, panoramic images and real-time videos

Intuitive & Versatile

The purpose-built dual-sensor InsightFD Robot makes our early wildfire detection system Fast and Accurate, and the AI-Engine turns the system Automatic and Efficient. The last piece of the puzzle is an Intuitive and Versatile software for our customers to do their jobs, efficiently and flexibly.

“Intuitive software are application programs that have a friendly interface and are easy to use. The most common functions are presented in one menu rather than buried in multiple menus with rigid hierarchies that make sense only to the programmer who coded the program.” – PCMag

Insight Globe employs GUI (Graphical User interface) and visual aims to provide users fire alerts, situational awareness, and robot controls. The web-based GUI is easy-to-use and intuitive. People nowadays are accustomed to using browsers to manage their everyday lives. Why not also manage wildfire detection?

Image captured at night

Image captured at night time

Image captured in daytime

Historical Image captured in daytime

Figure 3: Insight Globe offers situational awareness by side-by-side night-time and daytime image comparison

Below are the unique customer benefits of Insight Globe:

  1. Easy-to-use software for users to manage the InsightFD system. Generate fire alerts on 2D and 3D maps consistently, concisely and immediately. MUIs (Multiple User Interfaces) supporting Windows, macOS, Unix, iOS, and Android.
  2. Provide Situational Awareness through image comparison, panoramic image, and real-time video. Add insights about fire behavior and movements.
  3. Powerful management tool. Control robot movement programmatically and manually. Manage detection granularity and sensitivity via geo-fencing.
  4. Versatile API (Application Programming Interface) to receive and visualize 3rd party data such as weather station reading, fire danger index, and fire behavior simulation. Provide holistic views of fire and environment to make informed decisions.
  5. Data warehousing of timestamped GIS-referenced fire records. Data assets for post-event forensic and risk mitigation planning. Standard API offers real-time data access to other systems, facilitate cross-function and cross-organization collaboration.
  6. Flexible operation modes: support automatic detection and Operation Room workflow mode. Runs on CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) server or cloud.


Figure 4: Insight Globe inputs the fire danger index via API and overlays the information on GUI.

Firefighting is not firefighter’s own responsibility. Effective wildfire management requires everyone’s support to fire prevention, detection, suppression and disaster recovery. InsightFD is an integrated software and hardware solution designed to help stakeholders to do better jobs before, during and after forest fire outbreaks.

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” Alan Klay, American computer scientist and Apple Fellow.


Thank you for reading this article. I hope this trilogy blog series will help you understand how our product will assist you in fighting wildfire. Please download our InsightFD brochure if you want to learn more about our product.




  1. WUI Operational Requirements and Capability Analysis – Report of Findings, Department of Homeland Security, USA
  2. What is the Purpose of Good Software, Mike Bostock


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