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Big Tree protects Cats and Dogs with Love


Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center (hereafter Big Tree) is a charity organization in Hong Kong. The center is located in a remote rural area surrounded by hills and trees. It is facing high wildfire risks, especially in April and October. Big Tree uses 5G and RoboticsCats AI-Cloud SaaS to early detect wildfire and mitigates wildfire risks to the center and the animals living in it.”


Above is an extract from the company blog post “Big Tree protects Cats and Dogs by 5G & AI” that I wrote in last March. It was a good article. That said, with the new experience and lesson learned since then, I should rewrite the title, right the wrong.


Big Tree protects Cats and Dogs with Love.


Big Tree is the first animal center in the world to use our LookOut wildfire detection service to mitigate wildfire risks. It is an innovative AI application. Many media [1] are interested to report how Big Tree uses technologies to mitigate wildfire risks. I joined some of the media interviews. The reporters asked very detailed questions. The media crews worked long hours with smiles. Their narratives and videos are both informative and beautiful.

Figure 1: TVB Innovation GPS, a popular technology-focused TV program in Hong Kong, reported the AI wildfire detection system we provided to the Big Tree Animal Center. Image source: TVB
Figure 2: three different media interviewed Big Tree on the same day!

It is joy. It is love.


All the cats and dogs living at Big Tree were abandoned in the past because of their physical sicknesses, disabilities, or aging. The abandonments created more mental damages and broken hearts which are far more challenging to recover than physical wounds. The animals felt remorse, sadness, distress and loss.


Big Tree protects the cats and dogs with love.


Figure 3: Reporter and photographer were busy working on the interview

In one of the interviews, a reporter asked Big Tree volunteers to share their experience with the new technology. “The new tool can help us to early detect nearby wildfire, and we can evacuate the animals timely if needed and save their lives, it probably can save the animal center structure too. Even better is, we believe the early detection will save the lives and properties of our neighbours further away from the foothill.” Big Tree volunteers replied.

A surprising and inspiring answer.

Figure 4: Neighbours of Big Tree: farms and residential properties

You can contact Big Tree via its website and Facebook page if you want to support them.



[1] Below are the recent media reports and case studies about the Big Tree project, in reverse chronological order:



TVB 創科導航,21-July-2021

(The TV program is in Cantonese. Please click HERE for the version with English captions.)


有初創公司開發智能火險監察系統 以山腳動物收容所作試點



5G x AI 偵測山火 Case Study: NETGEAR M5 5G Router 與 RoboticsCats 保護大樹下庇護站貓狗

Netgear SMB, 26-May-2021


Axis Communications and Robotics Cats provide early wildfire detection to animal sanctuary

A&S Magazines, 17-May-2021


有線新聞 小事大意義 《愛是不遺棄》下集(貓貓篇

HK Cable TV, 15-May-2021


Customer Stories: Early wildfire detection for Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center

Axis Communications, 15-May-2021


Axis Communications 夥Robotics Cats 為大樹下提供山火預報解決方案

IT Pro Magazine, 13-May-2021


“Big Tree” project (Axis Communications, Robotics Cats & Armanda)

Armada International, 6-May-2021


山火監測|香港科技公司助動物庇護站安裝4K鏡頭+AI雲端 助義工全天候預報山火與煙霧

Apple Daily, 18-Apr-2021


30年來不求回報 大樹下為流浪貓狗遮陰擋雨

GotNews, 17-Apr-2021


山火預警|山火蔓延險燒元朗大樹下狗場 創科公司助引進5G山火偵察系統

SkyPost, 2-Apr-2021


AI偵測山火保護社區 影像5G傳雲端 手機App通報

StartUpBeat, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 22-Mar-2021



(Original article is from andrecheung.wordpress.com)

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