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Dear customers and friends,


Thank you for your support and suggestions! Robotics Cats is now 4-month old. Time flies!

This is our first quarterly e-newsletter. We would like to share some customer use cases with you. Indonesia and Mexico are early adopters of new technologies and they think differently from the mass majority – they use 21st century invention to manage a thousand-year challenge – wildfire. Their stories are insightful.

“They change things.”

This is a challenging year with the new normal: more frequent and destructive wildfires! To help you understand how InsightFD can assist you to fight fires, we will devote three blog posts to explain how our technologies work and their benefits. The first one is about using dual-sensor to achieve Fast & Accurate wildfire detection.

“The ones who see things differently.”

We cannot remedy climate changes in months; we cannot put off in days the growing fires that have already burned thousands of hectares of forest. However, we can detect ignitions in minutes and immediately suppress the wildfires when they are small and controllable.

We wish everyone a safe, peaceful, and healthy year 2020.

Blog 10 Fig 1

Has Environmental Supports MoEF to Reduce Forest Fires in Indonesia

To fight forest fires, Has Environmental supported MoEF to deploy InsightFD early fire detection system. “It is a multi-year nationwide project. The initial plan was to install 15 InsightFD robots spread across North Sumatra, Riau, South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan.” shared by Mr. Raffles Panjaitan.

Dr Fernando Aranda

InsightFD Forest Fire Detection in Nevado de Toluca, Mexico

Robotics Galu introduced InsightFD to Mexico Government that is able to detect conflagrations as small as 2m2 in size.

“We can guarantee the detection of fire sources from 0 to 15 kilometers. Once the hotspots are detected, all the information is sent to the monitoring centers, including meteorological data, which are very important, because a forest fire in a windless condition is not the same as when there is a wind that can spread the fire rapidly!” Dr. Aranda, Director of Robotics Galu, commented.

LWIR sensor mapping

Key Customer Benefits – Fast & Accurate Wildfire Detection

Heat comes before smoke! We can’t beat physics. 

By using both the visual and infrared cameras, the dual-sensor design overcomes visibility, ambient light, darkness, and false alarm challenges faced by traditional CCTV-based systems. 

InsightFD’s purpose-built Dual-Sensor system enables Fast and Accurate wildfire/forest fire/wildland fire/bushfire detection.