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Insight Robotics InsightFD Early Wildfire Detection System

“If the ignition is detected immediately, it can be extinguished with little expended resources or loss of life.” 

Insight Robotics InsightFD is the global market leader in early wildfire detection. InsightFD robot, a purpose-built camera system using both visual and infrared sensors, will rotate 360-degree and scan for fire and smoke 24×7. Our AI-based detections can identify wildfire as small as 2 m2 and smoke at a 15 km distance. Robots are managed by our Insight Globe management platform. A team of robots can work together to cover a wildland with a few hundred thousand hectares. National parks, forestry, wildfire services, UNESCO world heritages, private plantations, tourist resorts, public utilities, around the world, are working with us to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.

InsightFD 3 major components

  • InsightFD Robot: Dual-Sensor image capturing system
  • AI-Engine: edge computer running AI-based Detections
  • Insight Globe: Management Platform generating fire alerts, providing situational awareness, controlling robots, data warehousing, and interfacing with 3rd party system

InsightFD Robot

InsightFD Robot is a robust purpose-built image capturing device enabling Fast and Accurate wildfire detection
  1. The Dual-Sensor system rotates and tiles to capture visual and infrared images to detect wildfire. Accurately detect fire occurrence by using dual-detection, and achieve high true positive alarm rates.
  2. LWIR detection is Fast (as small as 2 m2 flame at 5 km distance). Heat comes before smoke! Flames and hot objects are best perceptible and less disturbed in the LWIR spectral range. InsightFD can see small fire far away from it! Whereas civilian satellites can only detect big fire several hectares (>10k m2) in size.
  3. Our patented technology2 automatically determines Precise fire locations. Our high pixel density LWIR sensor is mapped to the DEM (Digital Elevation Model) of the AOI (Area of interest) monitored by InsightFD. InsightFD can pinpoint the fire location up to +/- 50 m! Whereas many other solutions can only achieve +/- 1 km accuracy.
  4. InsightFD works Reliably in challenging environments (dark, light polluted, hazy, windy and hilly). LWIR imaging sensors image emitted light, not reflected light. InsightFD overcomes the reflected light limitation inherited in visual fire detection.
  5. Visual sensor catching images for smoke detection. Our home-grown dual-sensor system provides uncompressed raw HD images, enabling error-free image recognition. Whereas other wildfire detections use off-the-shelf cameras that offer lossy compressed images only.
  6. IP66 weather resistance equipment. The operation temperature of -20c to +50c.

AI-Engine is an edge-computing device supporting Automatic and Efficient forest fire detection

  1. Automatic detection: Looking for fire and smoke around-the-clock consistently without hesitation, delay, and tiredness.
  2. Self-improving machine learning system taking multiple inputs simultaneously to accurately identify smoke. High true positive rates reduce unnecessary manpower resources wasted on false alarms.
  3. Manpower-Efficient: no additional operators are required to operate InsightFD
  4. Cost-Efficient: large detection coverage. InsightFD can detect flame and smoke at 15km distance. A single robot can monitor an area of 70,000 Ha. A team of robots can cover a large wildland with hundreds of thousands of hectares.
  5. Network-Efficient: each robot is equipped with an AI-Engine to do edge-computing. Large HD images are analyzed on the edge device. Data traffic between the robot and the Insight Globe management platform is small by sending just the detection alert information. InsightFD does not require high capacity network infrastructure.
  6. Energy-Efficient: each robot & AI-Engine pair consumes 40-50W. InsightFD is more carbon-friendly than watchtowers and aerial fire patrols.

Insight Globe (IG) is the management platform providing Intuitive and Versatile wildland fire detection:

  1. Easy-to-use software for users to manage the InsightFD system. Generate fire alerts on 2D and 3D maps consistently, concisely and immediately. MUIs (Multiple User Interfaces) supporting Windows, macOS, Unix, iOS, and Android.
  2. Provide Situational Awareness through panoramic visual and infrared images and real-time video. Add insights about fire behavior and movements.
  3. Powerful management tool. Control robot movement programmatically and manually. Manage detection granularity and sensitivity via geo-fencing.
  4. Versatile platform providing visualization of 3rd party data such as weather station reading, fire danger index, and fire behavior simulation. Provide holistic views of fire and environment to make informed decisions.
  5. Data warehousing of timestamped GIS-referenced fire records. Data assets for post-event forensic and risk mitigation planning. Standard API offers real-time data access to other systems, facilitate cross-function and cross-organization collaboration.
  6. Flexible operation modes: support automatic detection and Operation Room workflow mode. Runs on CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) server or cloud.

The below videos highlight major InsightFD features:

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