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Set Up LookOut Wildfire Detection Service

LookOut is our visual analytics (VA) software-as-a-service.  LookOut provides AI wildfire detection service and construction fire detection service. These services are quick-to-deploy and easy to use. It takes you about a few minutes to set up LookOut.

There are three components in LookOut:

  1. Input: visual camera (e.g. AXIS P1378-LE) and live web image (e.g. AlertWildfire, HKO, etc.).
  2. VA: AI wildfire detection, construction fire detection
  3. Output: detection alerts via ReportFires mobile app

Step 1: download and register the ReportFires app

Step 2: register a LookOut account and create a camera endpoint

Step 3: set up your visual camera

Figure 1: ReportFires web app, reportfires.roboticscats.com

1.Download and register the ReportFires app

ReportFires app do three things:

  1. receive fire alerts reported by other users
  2. manually report fire locations by map clicks
  3. receive detection alerts from your LookOut service

After you download the iOS or Android app, register your account using your email address. A verification code will be sent to you by email.

2.Register LookOut account and set up a camera endpoint

2.1 register your LookOut account at lookout.roboticscats.com with your email address, select your region (either EMEA or Americas; APAC is coming in early 2022). A verification code will be sent to you.

2.2 after you log in, you will see your LookOut service Dashboard. Click Camera on the left-hand-side menu bar.

Figure 2: LookOut > Dashboard
Figure 3: LookOut > Camera: add new camera
2.3 select the Free plan, enter the follow three mandatory fields:
  1. Friendly Name of your video camera to help you recall it
  2. GPS Location of your camera helps you to easily report the location of the fire detected
  3. Country where your video camera is located at
Figure 4: LookOut > Camera: add new camera by providing a Friendly Name, camera GPS location, and the Country where the camera is located in

2.4 click Add New Camera

Figure 5: LookOut > Camera: a new camera is added

2.5 click Alert Contacts on the left-hand-side menu to add email addresses that you want LookOut to send detection alerts to by the ReportFires app (assuming they are registered users) and/or by email. Email verification link will send those newly added email addresses.


Figure 6: LookOut > Alert Contacts: add a new alert contact
Figure 7: LookOut > Alert Contacts: the newly added alert contact accept the verification email

2.6 click Camera on the left-hand-side menu, and click the camera you’ve just added, you will see the Camera endpoints, copy it for step #3. Then click the Edit button at the top-left-hand corner.

Figure 8: LookOut > Cameras: click and select the newly added camera “trial”

2.7 you can see and modify the camera setup information, scroll down to the Alert  Contacts section and check the boxes accordingly to send detection alerts to them.


Figure 9: LookOut > Cameras > Alert Contacts: check Email or ReportFires to send detection alerts to alert contacts

2.8 click Save Changes

3.Set up your video camera to input images to LookOut

LookOut works seamlessly with AXIS cameras. AXIS is the global leader in surveillance cameras and their product are the smartest cameras in the market. It is very easy to set up an AXIS camera to send images to LookOut

3.1 after you log in your AXIS camera web admin interface with administrator access privilege, select Stream page to create a Stream Profiles entering the name “demo”, selecting MJPEG and 1920×1080 in the General > Resolution section, then click Create

Figure 10: AXIS camera web admin > Stream

3.2  then click System page, select Events, select Recipient and then click the “+” button to add a new Recipient, give it a name “demo”, select HTTPS in Type, and paste (or enter) in URL the Camera endpoint URL we copied in step #2.6, uncheck Validate server certificate, then click Save

Figure 11: AXIS camera web admin > Systems > Events > Recipient

3.3 then select  Rules, click the “+” button to add a new Rule, give it a name “demo”, enter 00:01:00 in Wait between actions section, select System Ready in the Condition section, select Send images thought HTTPS in the Action section, select demo in the Stream profile, enter 1 frame per minute in the Custom image frequency section, then click Save.

Figure 12: AXIS camera web admin > Systems > Events > Action

That’s all. 

Your AXIS camera will send images to LookOut by the HTTPS Post method. LookOut will send users detection alerts via ReportFires mobile app.

Figure 13: ReportFires app: detection alerts with photos and the detected fire highlighted by red boundary. The numerical value is the detection confidence.

Please feel free to contact us at info@roboticscats.com for any questions and information.

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