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ReportFires app – our first Kickstarter campaign

What is ReportFires app?

It is a FREE iOS app which helps you to

  1. fight or flight, respond ahead of wildfire
  2. protect your family and community from nearby wildfires
  3. alert others of wildfires in the vicinity

ReportFires will

  • alert you of nearby wildfires
  • detect wildfire near your home
  • help you to report wildfire location easily by map clicks

ReportFires app is a creative idea, isn’t it?

It will be available at App Store globally in October.

Reportfires app features
Figure 1: ReportFires app features

We build the mobile app because we want to help people to better respond to wildfires. The app will be a good tool to showcase our technologies. Doing both is a great idea!

A good app is useful if people are using it. We’re exploring different options to promote the new ReportFires app, to drive adoption, and to help more people to know and use it. We decide to develop our Kickstarter campaign to market the coming ReportFires app! We can probably get more financial resources to develop the app from the most popular global crowdfunding platform. 

Prelaunch landing page
Figure 2: Prelaunch landing page

We studied both successful and failed Kickstarter campaigns. There are a lot of tasks and subtle details to launch a campaign. Significant workloads for a start-up. Moreover, mobile app is not a popular Kickstarter category and only about 20% of app campaigns can meet their funding goals!

With all potential challenges, we are committed to moving forward with our Kickstarter campaign. We don’t have all the skills we need, but we have abundant talents from our customers, partners, advisors, and friends who will help us!

Prelaunch landing page
Fig. 3: Prelaunch landing page

Thanks for all the invaluable supports from our friends and advisors in different professions and countries! The coming Kickstarter campaign is only possible with their generous help in graphic designs, copywriting, proof-reading, gift production, online marketing, etc!

It is our common goal to build a better world that brings us to work together. It is our differences that create new great things!


Prelaunch landing page
Fig. 4: Prelaunch landing page

Successful Kickstarter campaigners StudioNeat and Kirrin Finch both emphasized the importance of marketing the Kickstarter campaign. We will use prelaunch landing pages to get attention and capture interested people through email signup. Do you like our landing page designs?

Fig. 5: Prelaunch landing page

Please join and pledge our Kickstarter campaign!

“Kickstarter exists to help bring creative projects to life.”  Kickstarter

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