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InsightFDs in Chiang Mai, Part 2

In the wildfire season just ended last April, our InsightFD early wildfire detection system supported the firefighters to protect the forest in the Huai Kong Khrai Royal Project area, Chiang Mai.

Our partner Loxley Public Company installed the system in August 2019. During the fire season between last February and April, the InsightFD system helped the firefighters to early detect forest fires and to take more timely actions! With increasing temperature and dry weather, we need new technologies to mitigate wildfire risks and damages!

Figure 1: several InsightFD robots are installed in the Huai Kong Khrai Royal Project area

Most of the wildfires in the Northern Thailand area caused by human activities such as the burning of land for commercial crops and arsonists driven by conflicts between different groups in the region. Sometimes the fire will become out of control and spread from farmlands to forests! Our InsightFD can mitigate fire damages by detecting wildfires when they are just ignited and small. Our purpose-built dual-sensor system can detect flame as small as 2 m2. Firefighters can arrive at the hotspots earlier, use fewer resources and less time to suppress the fires when they are small, and reduce any casualty, the area burnt, smoke and air pollution.

Figure 2: Infrared detection can detect small flame far away, even under low visibility condition. The left-hand-side is infrared image and the right is visual image of a detected wildfire location.

For wildfire behind the mountain, the infrared radiation of the hotspot is blocked from reaching our robot. InsightFD can detect it by identifying the wildfire smoke in the air. InsightFD robot is equipped with a high definition visual camera. Our AI detection algorithm will analyze the video to identify smoke and locate the fire. The wildfire locations detected will be accurately shown on the GIS-based management platform Insight Globe.

InsightGlobe GIS
Figure 3: Insight Globe management platform shows the wildfire locations

Insight Globe panorama view provides more situational information about the wildfire and nearby area. Firefighters can make more informed decisions.


Figure 4: panorama view

By using dual-sensor and dual-detection – infrared detection of ignition and visual detection of smoke – our system can automatically detect wildfires with high true positive rates. We can detect small ignition in day-time and night-time!

Figure 5: InsightFD detected a wildfire ignition 10.5km away at 4:17 am!

Together with our newly launched Insight Globe Mobile app, wildfire management team and firefighters can receive real-time wildfire alerts on their smartphones. They can review the wildfire information remotely and take timely actions when they’re on the road! Every minute counts in fighting wildfire.

Video: Insight Globe Mobile app provides wildfire service team real-time alerts of the wildfires detected by InsightFD robots!

Computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics and mobile technologies work together to provide automatic wildfire detection to assist the firefighters around-the-clock! The last fire season was a good lesson for the Chiang Mai firefighting organization, Loxley and Robotics Cats to team up to fight wildfire! We understood each other better. We shared information more efficiently. We collaborated more effectively. The teamwork was improved every day!

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