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How to use ReportFires app?

ReportFires app user can

(1) receive notification about wildfire which is within 10km distance

(2) report wildfire easily by simple map clicks

(3) detect wildfire nearby home

1.Receive wildfire Notification

Just download the app, allow the app to access your location information. That’s all. You will receive a real-time notification whenever there is a wildfire, which is reported by other user, within 10km distance from you. The wildfire location is also shown on the map in the app.

Figure 1 (left): app notification
Figure 2 (right): app main interface

2.Report Wildfire

In case if you see a wildfire, if you’re in a safe situation, phone your domestic official report fire hotline, then launch the ReportFires, your current location is the blue dot.

2.1 Click on the map of the wildfire location you see,

2.2 Click Report on the pop-up window or click X to cancel the operation

2.3 (Optional) you can click Add Image to take and upload a photo to provide visual information of the wildfire

2.4 Click Report Now to report the wildfire location, or Cancel to go back to Step 2.2

Figure 3 (left): click on map to locate the wildfire
Figure 4 (right): click to report or to take & upload a photo

3.Detect Wildfire

ReportFires app Detect Mode requires the iPhone to be standing still in landscape mode. Detect Mode using Machine Learning image detection.

3.1 Put you iPhone on a tripod

3.2 Connect iPhone to the power supply

3.3 Launch ReportFires app, click Detect Mode, and point the rear camera to the wildfire-prone forest near your home

3.4 Click the lower-right-hand red button to start detecting wildfire smoke automatically every 6 seconds. “Detecting only…” will be shown in the camera view’s top right-hand corner. Any smoke detected will be bounded by a red rectangle. The same smoke is detected consecutively in two detection intervals, then the app will sound an alarm and report the wildfire smoke occurrence to the system. You (via another iPhone if you’re a registered user) and the authorized users can receive app notification about the detected wildfire smoke.

3.5 If your iPhone tilt angle is more than 30 degrees and the level is between -2 and +2 degrees, then the app will estimate the wildfire location. “Detecting & locating…” will be shown in the camera view. Any user can see the wildfire reported. Users within 10km distance from the wildfire will receive notification too.

3.6 Click X in the upper-left-hand corner to go back to the main interface.

3.7 If you’re a registered user, wildfire smoke detected by your device(s) will be shown in the Detected Smoke Images section below Stats

Figure 5: Detect Mode
Figure 6: Detecting

4.User Types

4.1 Public user: can report wildfire within 5km from its location

4.2 Registered user: can report wildfire within 15km from its location. Access to Stats information. Receive notification of wildfire smoke detected by the user’s other iPhone(s)

4.3 Authorized user: can report wildfire within 100km from its location. Receive notification of wildfire smoke detected by the user’s other iPhone(s). Access to the wildfire image photo (if any) of wildfire reported or detected by any users. Authorized users are in general members of the local emergency response team or wildfire service organization.

Any user, regardless of its user type, will receive real-time notification of wildfire with 10km distance from its location.

Figure 7 (left): Setting menu
Figure 8 (right): Registered user signup page

5. Stats Information

5.1 Last 10 wildfire locations reported in the world

5.2 wildfire locations reported in your Country in the last 24 hours

5.3 wildfire locations reported in your Country in the last 7 days.


6. Data Security & Privacy

6.1 All data traffic between the ReportFires app and the cloud system is transmitted via HTTPS.

6.2 We track user device GPS location for the purposes of providing location-based wildfire alert notification and mitigation of fault reporting

6.3 infrastructure provider:

6.3.1 cloud computing: Vultr

6.3.2 Map API: Google Maps API

6.3.3 OTP: SendGrid

6.3.4 CDN & WAF: StackPath


7. System Requirement

7.1 Any iPhone running iOS 13+.

7.2 “Detecting & locating” feature requires iPhone 8 or newer devices.

7.3 iPhone requires internet connectivity to receive wildfire notification and to report wildfire.


8. Launch Schedule

8.1 ReportFires app is free of charge and will be available at Apple Store globally by mid-October 2020.

8.2 ReportFires is now under beta testing phase.

8.3 Please join us to help our neighbors to mitigate wildfire risks and damages! We can! Please support our Kickstarter campaign

Figure 9: Our Kickstarter project video “Ann saves the cat”

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