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ReportFires App

ReportFires app

What is the ReportFires app?

It is an iOS app that helps users to make informed and timely responses to wildfires. It helps users to

  • Get notifications of wildfires reported by other users in your area
  • Report wildfire quickly by simple map clicks
  • Detect nearby wildfire using AI smoke detection (iOS version only)
  • Receive wildfire alerts from AI-Cloud wildfire detection SaaS

ReportFires iOS app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play. There is a web app version at reportfires.roboticscats.com

Photo source: Eden Hills Country Fire Service’s Facebook page

Why we build the ReportFires app?  

We build it because we want to help. The above photo is impactful. It reinvigorates us every time we see it. It was taken in January 2020. There was a mega-fire disaster in Australia that burned 11 million hectares of forests. We wondered what the firefighter and the koala in the photo were thinking about. We guessed the Koala looked up to the firefighter and said “Hey man, please help us. You’re created to manage the world.”

We can do something, more than standing still. The year 2020 is challenging. We develop the ReportFires app to help.

How we build the ReportFires app?

We leverage our 10+ years experience in the wildfire detection and Internet industries to design the app. We use Computer vision, AI, and IoT technologies to develop it. The following 2-minute video tells you more about the development story.

How to use the ReportFires app?

It is simple. We use modern map app UX. You receive notifications of nearby wildfires reported by other users. You can report wildfire location quickly, 3 clicks and 3 seconds. You can use the app to detect wildfire smoke from the image captured by your iPhone wide camera, you just need to put your iPhone on a tripod and point it to the forest. The below 40-second animation illustrates how you can use the ReportFires app to protect your home and family.

Wall of Thanks

To promote the new ReportFires app to more users around the world and to get additional funding for future development, we ran our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter between 9-September and 10-October 2020. We are thankful to all the 105 backers from 14 countries who joined us to make this successful journey!  We want to thank our backers again here. They supported us and selected reward level one or above. Thank you very much. You make the world more beautiful.

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