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AI-powered Wildfire Detection System to save lives and cut loss

Wildfires pose a significant threat to human, wildlife, and climate change. They destroy large rural and wildland areas, emit large volumes of greenhouse gases, causing a huge loss of lives and assets. To effectively control wildfire and mitigate its damage, the capability to early detect the occurrence of a wildfire is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately today many wildfire detection systems rely on manual judgement. This could lead to a serious consequence: latency in alerting related parties. While governments are putting in more resources to firefighting, the average size of wildfire continues to increase.

At Robotics Cats we are committed to fixing this with technology. Our LookOut Wildfire Detection SaaS combines the power of computer vision, AI and IoT. Our technologies are proven and used by governments in 10 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. They provide automated 24/7 monitoring system, improving detection accuracy and response time:

Key benefits

Dual Sensor

Accurate & Automatic AI Detection

Our AI wildfire detection identifies wildfire as small as 0.03% of the source images. LookOut can detect early-stage wildfires within 15 minutes of ignition.

Our Machine Learning detection and classification models work simultaneously to achieve high true positive and low false positive rates.

Users can configure the AI detection settings to optimize performance for different environments and weather conditions.

Quick & Scalable Deployment

Applying LookOut to a video surveillance camera takes only a couple of minutes. Deploying LookOut on hundreds of cameras can be achieved in just a few days.

LookOut is natively compatible with AXIS Communications cameras. It also supports standard security cameras, webcam images, and smartphones as image input sources.

Camera-based wildfire detection proves effective and cost-efficient. A single PTZ camera can monitor an area of over 70,000 hectares (15km radius)

Easy-to-Use & Buy Software

Receive real-time wildfire detection alerts via email, mobile notifications, and API calls. Visual images included in the alerts provide situational information, empowering users to take timely actions to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.

Featuring a modern design user interface, our intuitive map-based GUI makes locating wildfires easy

Our customer-friendly monthly service subscription comes with no minimum usage requirements

Please tell us more about your needs:

About Robotics Cats

Robotics Cats is a machine vision startup. We are a team of talented engineers with diverse cultures. We focus on Computer vision, AI and ioT technologies.

We provide early wildfire detection and environmental monitoring solutions to international customers. National parks, forestry, wildfire services, UNESCO world heritages, private plantations, tourist resorts, power infrastructure companies, around the world, are working with us to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.

We team up with partners to provide turn-key solutions in Asia, Europe, and LATAM. Our partners are experts in forestry management, environmental protection, risk management, precision agriculture, telecommunications and smart city. Please contact us if you’re interested to join us protecting forests and the world.

What our clients say

“We love all the forests and countryside in Brazil. They are beautiful. However they are under serious threats caused by the wildfires! We are working closely with Robotics Cats to bring the market leading wildfire detection technology to Brazil!”

Felipe Borelli

CEO of Agro Robotics

“Loxley is happy partnering with Robotics Cats to deliver Insight Robotics InsightFD solutions in Thailand. We find InsightFD a great component to Loxley’s smart-city and sustainability product portfolio.”

Timothy Wong

Senior Vice President, Loxley Public Company Limited

“We are excited to partner with Robotics Cats to provide InsightFD wildfire detection systems in Mexico. We have been working with some of the folks since 2015. They are geeky, energetic and responsive. It is a fun and productive partnership!”

Javier Markowicz

Managing Director of Robotics Galu

“The Kelowna Fire Department’s experience with the Insight Robotics camera was 100% positive in the interface setting. We were encouraged by the camera’s ability and can see potential for this technology.”

Kelowna Fire Department

BC Canada

“The two InsightFD early wildfire detection robots are the first two installed in the Conservation Area. They will help us putting off wildfire sooner and reducing the wildfire problem in Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park (TNRAW).”

Ir. Herry Subagiadi M.Sc

Secretary of Directorate General of Conservation of Natural Resources Ecosystems (KSDAE)

“The infrared and optical based wildfire detection system is reliable and work well in the Madeira. We plan to deploy more to cover 50% of our forest!”

Miguel Albuquerque

President of the Madeira Government, Portugal


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